Credit Sesame Identity Protection Review

Credit Sesame Identity Theft Protection

Credit Sesame Identity Theft Protection

System Requirements: N/A

Version: Credit Sesame Free

Developer: Credit Sesame Inc.

Price: Free

Trial: N/A


Rating: 8/10



Credit Sesame is a free version of Identity protection service. The company also offers additional features in paid versions. Why is it free? They make revenue with premium users, but they serve ads to the free users.



  • Free
  • Credit monitoring.
  • Credit score monitoring.
  • Personalized credit report card
  • Debt and loan analysis
  • Saving money advice
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Identity Protection
  • $50,000 insurance in case of identity theft.
  • Fraud resolution assistance.



  • Promoting other services and ads.
  • Notifications only
  • Limited monitoring


Noticeable Features:

The Credit Sesame is credit score based company. They monitor alongside other personal information a credit score of each user. That being said they will occasionally advise the user on improving the credit score.


More Information about Credit Sesame

The company being credit monitoring related is perfect for improving user’s credit score, and creating alerts on the credit account. Although even the free version offers insurance in case of identity theft, the monitoring is set only to one bureau monitoring and one bureau monthly credit score update. Which is limited, the other data is being monitored in Platinum protection for $19.95 a month. However, despite limitations, the users seeking to monitor and improve their credit score may have found a perfect free solution.

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